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Why We Choose Equi-Boost Plus Organic Supplement For Our Team Of Horses

By Debbie Greenwood July 12, 2019 0 comments

Team SNS EquestEarth based in Western Australia is comprised of 3 x Riders and 7 x Horses. We have are a mixed bag:

  • 3 x Warmbloods
  • 1 x Thoroughbred
  • 2 x AndalusionxTB’s
  • Welsh B Pony.

Debbie Greenwood comes from South Africa and it was her good friend Jennifer Harms who is a feed rep in South Africa that kept telling Debs, you must get this supplement Equi-Boost Plus into Australia, we are seeing amazing results.

Introduction To Equi-Boost Plus

We were informed that Equi-Boost Plus was a feed supplement comprising of two functional oils, Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and Castor Oil. The Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, had been very successful in South America for many years in place of anti-biotics in farm animals. They wanted an alternative that was natural and it had an anti-microbial effect, eliminating harmful bacteria and protozoa.

The active compounds in the Equi-Boost Plus Supplement, Cardol, Cardanol and Ricinoleic Acid (Castor Oil) have fantastic anti-mibrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. The product also has the added benefit of being 100% organic and all the ingredients are FDA approved.

The Results

We put all seven horses on the supplement. We live on the same property as our horses, so we see them every day. At 2-3 weeks we started to see subtle changes. The manures were well formed and fibrous. The horses started to feel well and more supple to ride.

At 4 weeks you could see noticeable improvement in their muscle bulk and topline and their coats were really starting to glow. They were definitely getting more out of their food.

We were able to cut the food back on Ace and Moose as they are hotter than the others, their digestion was improving so they didn’t need as much. Only a small amount, but again a noticeable change, they were gaining weight/muscle, but we had reduced their food.

Ace - 4 Weeks on EBP

The two Andalusion/TB’s were showing some interesting changes as well. We used to have problems with Fifi always looking bloated and overweight with cribbing. At 3-4 weeks she lost her ‘bloated’ look and all the work Debs had put in was starting to show. She had an ‘underline’.

Whilst the cribbing is habitual, she has definitely slowed down. Shady had been out on injury when he started, within 4 weeks he was back in work and had completely changed shape. He had ‘bulked’ up and his topline had improved.

Fifi - 6 Weeks on EBP

Shady - 4 weeks on EBP

Reduced Anxiety

Interestingly our amazing little Welsh B Pony, ‘Timmy’ has been on the supplement as well. He has not gained weight or showed any signs of getting ‘fat’.

At 8 weeks we really started to notice a change in the overall demeanour. This is when we started to see ‘calm’ and ‘comfortable’. I believe this is due to them feeling well and happy within themselves. The two horses that get a little anxious and scoury at shows, showed no sign of it at their next competition. They were calm, recovered well and felt supple and powerful the next day.

I always struggle with Max’s coat, he has a long wiry coat in winter and a colour that shines in summer but can be a little drab in winter. Their winter coats were really shiny and when we clipped them out this year, they gleamed under the clip.

We feed lots of fibre and hay and a good all inclusive pellet. We have continued to feed a ‘magnesium’ type product which addresses the nervous system and helps with muscles. We are now in the process of reducing the daily ulcer treatment as the EBP is aiding the gut health. Our horses receive Emmett Treatment from Apache Animals and Chiropractic work from Kate Jankowski.

When you get it right there is just no better feeling than riding into a jump with a horse that feels really happy and healthy.

Equi-Boost Plus is currently available in 300g tubs – 30 days (10g) per day with no introductory dosing rate needed. 900g tubs will become available shortly.

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