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Why Ice Therapy?

If you ask your vet what treatment you can perform every day for your treasured equine athlete? The response worldwide will be ICE!!! In fact, if you ask your Doctor what the best treatment for most ailments or sports injuries is? Their response will be ICE!!!

Cryotherapy or Ice Therapy

Cryotherapy or Ice Therapy has many benefits but why?

It is widely accepted across the athletic spectrum that Ice therapy is beneficial to the athlete to help reduce inflammation and prevent injuries.

When your horse is exercising and working hard the capillaries that extend into the muscles, tendons and ligaments expand and allow more blood flow into the area, the extra blood is needed when the horse is exercising. The increase in blood flow allows oxygen, amino acids, glucose and ATP (for biomechanical energy store and use) to be used by the body during exercise. The increased blood flow then takes away the bi-products or waste materials created during this metabolic process.

However… once your horse has completed exercise, it takes time for the capillaries to stop delivering the extra blood that was being used whilst exercising. This causes the extra fluid to pool in the tissues, causing swelling and inflammation. The pooling of fluid can cause the tissues to stretch and can make them less elastic over time and more prone to injury. We also don’t want the waste products to be in the tissues for any longer than necessary.

Ice Therapy is the fastest and safest therapy, that will help these tissues return to their normal size and shape. Thus, preventing future injury and reducing the negative effects of inflammation in the tissue such as pain and swelling.

There are time consuming and cumbersome ways to apply ‘ice’ to your horses legs or body. Cubed Ice, ice bucket slurries or having to freeze the entire boot with the ice inside. But it doesn’t have to be difficult…

MagIce Universal Boots

The MagIcE Universal Boots makes it easy to apply whichever therapy you choose to, simply by inserting your desired treatment into the boot. They can be used for travel, ice or magnets. 3 in 1, why buy three different types of boots for three different jobs. Save time, money and space with MagIcE.

The Ice sheets supplied with your boots are easy to inflate and store in your freezer, they are about the size of an A4 sheet. They are non-toxic and FDA approved. They don’t take up a lot of room in your freezer or esky, because you don’t have to freeze the whole boot, just the ice sheet. When stacked in an ice box/esky they will remain frozen several hours longer than standard ice cubes. They can be used for 1-3 horse treatments, depending on treatment times and ambient freezer temperatures.  These re-usable (but ultimately disposable) ice sheets can be used for many treatments, for maximum savings and value. With good care and maintenance you will get maximum use out of your ice sheet. Replacements can be purchased through MagIcE. For best results wet your horses legs and/or the boot as this aids cold transfer.

***For any injuries, always consult your veterinarian**

Why MAGNET Therapy?

Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive, natural and non-medical therapy, thought to increase blood flow and oxygen levels which helps to relieve inflammation. By increasing blood flow, at rest, more oxygen is delivered to the treatment area and the damaging waste products are carried away. Oxygen and nutrients in the blood are required for living tissue to thrive and regenerate. Fresh oxygenated blood is instrumental in flushing our body clean and in the removal of lactic acid and toxins that are associated with disease.

The correct ‘healing’ side of a magnet is the North facing side. It is considered to be the calming and healing side of a magnet. The South side is the ‘enervating’ side of the magnet and can have the opposite effect. It is therefore important to ensure that when you purchase a magnet product they have polarised the magnets correctly.

The average magnet used in therapy products often don’t have a large magnetic field, on average 4-5cm, before the field becomes non-existent. With an estimated tissue penetration of 2cm per 1000 gauss. The field fluctuates and is at its strongest at the centre of the magnet as it moves from south to north.

Why MagIcE Universal Boots?

The Magnet Pads are made here in Australia by us at MagIcE. Why?

We can ensure that the magnets are polarised the correct way

 Our magnet pads have 30 x 2800 gauss rare earth permanently magnetised magnets (not cumulative)

We have spaced the magnets so there is little to no interruption in treatment and it encompasses 90-100% of the entire leg, not just the tendons or specific parts of the leg

They come in a green (north) and red (south) colour coded bag for ease of use

You can interchange between travel boots, ice treatment and magnet treatment as needed in one boot. 3 in 1 - Saving time, money and space/storage, you no longer need to buy three different boots to achieve three different treatments.

***For any injuries, always consult your veterinarian. It is not recommended to use ‘magnetic’ treatment on haematomas or if infection is present.***

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